The moment you arrive in Ottawa, you will feel connected to Canada. Engage with the diverse cultures and peoples of Ottawa, who are unified by their pride for this beautiful city and its intimate, welcoming culture. Come to Ottawa, where you can live, work, invest, play, study, and visit … and express your authentic, unique self.

Cindy VanBuskirkNaina KansalAndrée José PaigeDarby MalloryNicole MalloryDarby MalloryAlison HunterSean CochraneTolga NizamEmmanuel ReyAdam DewarMichael CurranAndrew FurinoJarrod GoldsmithC CharbonneauMelissa HowellRay EverettChris CopeEric PerronSean CochraneDarrell WellingtonAndrée PaigeJenn LeaderLarry MohrAJ PaigeJeff SnyderTolga NizamAndrew GarvenO'djuma BadoloNir Ben DavidSueling ChingSteve GeorgopoulosEric Jones JonesLynn LaddVincent CoutureJennifer McMullanUBM TestSarah GrandPaul AkehurstKaren BrownriggtestFR testFRMichael DobbinSean CochraneSean CochraneKassondra WaltersDancia SusiloJessie-Lee WallaceAndrée PaigeBruce RaganoldWayne Cuddington joined as an Ottawa Ambassador!

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