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As one of the highest ranked places globally for quality of life, Ottawa attracts people who love fresh air, sunshine, an abundance of water, trees, and plant life. Our health care and education are world class and minutes away from every neighbourhood. Everything we love about Canada can be found in one city: Ottawa!


Ottawa Offers an Enviable QUALITY of Life

An Abundance of Qualities We Value

  • At over 1 million people, Ottawa is the fourth largest municipality in Canada.
  • The land area is about 2,800 km2—larger than the cities of Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Montréal combined. Ottawa has a vast amount of protected green space and many rural areas.
  • Ottawa has the largest tech park and the largest federal employment node in Canada.
  • Ottawa has more engineers, scientists and PhDs per capita than anywhere else in Canada.

City of Ottawa

  • There are 1.3 million people within the National Capital Region (Ottawa-Gatineau).
  • The bilingual rate in Ottawa is 38% (English and French).
  • The median family income is $102,000.

Statistics Canada, 2016 Census

Diversity, Inclusion and Safety for All

Ottawa Has World Class HEALTHCARE

Health, Well-Being and Genuine Care

Ottawa Has Top Quality EDUCATION

Teaching, Learning and Research Excellence

Cultivating Our Best and Brightest

Be an Ottawa Ambassador.
Share your passion for our city.
Invite the world to Come to Ottawa!


Be an Ottawa Ambassador.
Share your passion for our city.
Invite the world to Come to Ottawa!